Fragrance Oil 10ml Dropper Bottle (Enhanced, Coconut & Lime)

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Fragrance: Coconut & Lime
Product: Fragrance Oil 10ml Dropper Bottle (Enhanced, Coconut & Lime)
Description: Enhanced Fragrance Oil includes Fragrance Enhancers and Emulsifiers which increase stability and compatibility, increase scent-throw, improve scent quality, and give optimal diffusion performance. We recommend Enhanced Fragrance Oil for candles, wax melts and bath bombs. Suitable for Candles, Wax Melts, Bath Bombs.


Our range of Fragrance Oil is unparalleled in its variety, quality and application-specific blends. F-JAS Fragrance Oil is suitable for use in making:

  • Scented Candles
  • Wax Melts
  • Air Fresheners
  • Reed Diffuser Oils
  • Scented Cleaning Products
  • Perfumery
  • Bath Bombs
  • Soaps
  • Cosmetic Preparations 

The oils can also be used in:

  • Electronic Diffusers
  • Oil Burners
  • Ultrasonic Globe Diffusers
  • Potpourri
  • Car Air Conditioner Filter Scenting

Our fragrances are IFRA approved.


Enhanced vs Pure

“What is the difference between the pure fragrance oil and the enhanced?”

To explain this, first of all you need to know what a fragrance oil actually is.

The fragrance oil consists of two main ingredients, a carrier liquid and fragrance compounds. The fragrance compounds are hydrocarbon compounds from a mixture of synthetic and natural sources, each one has its own smell and blending them together in combinations will replicate other smells.

Fragrance Oil is not created equal – there are different blends to suit different applications. The most common two types are explained below:



  • Other Companies may refer to this type of blend as “Candle Oil”. This is because pure fragrance oil compounds in a carrier will produce fragrance bleed (oily candles) and a special blend is required to eliminate this.
  • Best For: Candles, Wax Melts, Bath Bombs
  • Includes an optimum concentration of fragrance compounds for a high strength scent
  • Enhanced Scent Throw. Includes Fragrance Enhancer which increases the diffusion effect of the fragrance, allowing it to travel further in the air.
  • Includes stability & compatibility enhancers which ensure best compatibility with wax.
  • Whilst you can add this oil to air freshener formulas, you may need supporting ingredients to ensure stability. if you want to create air fresheners we recommend you consider our Water-Soluble Fragrance Oil.
  • If you are using fragrance oil to create a water-based product such as an air freshener, it is important to add a preservative system to prevent spoilage and protect against bacterial growth.



PURE Fragrance Oil

  • Other companies may refer to this type of oil as “General-Use”, “Cosmetic Grade” or “Pure & Uncut”.
  • Best For: Cosmetics, Soap, Perfumery
  • Increased Fragrance Concentration at the expense of the additional features of the enhanced version.
  • Use the pure version if you are proficient with formulation and know which supporting ingredients you require for stability, shelf-life, spoilage control and function.
  • Also suitable for products where fragrance enhancer is not required (surface sprays, cleaners, cosmetics).
  • A Benefit of the pure version is you will get a stronger fragrance from the same volume used.
  • If you are using fragrance oil to create a water-based product such as an air freshener, it is important to add a preservative system to prevent spoilage and protect against bacterial growth.

Multiple Sizes to Choose From





50ml or 100ml Pouch

Our 50ml & 100ml Pouches are strong and chemically-resistant. They keep the costs down. Particularly useful if you know you are going to use the entire contents in one go. Also available are 10ml Single-Use Sachets ideal for testing fragrances.

250ml Bottle

Our 250ml Induction-Sealed bottles are strong and durable, and provide better “open & close” usability than pouches. This is better if you need to use only a portion of the contents at a time.

10ml, 50ml, 100ml Dropper Bottle

Our dropper bottles feature integrated glass and silicone pipettes for easy control of fragrance dispensing.

1L & 5L

Our 1L sizes are special order and offer a significant saving if you need to use a lot of oil for your application vs buying smaller quantities regularly.  Contact us for a special quote if you need larger amounts (1L or more) as we can offer very good discounts.



Further Information (Pure & Uncut is basically a lie)

Now, there’s a very good reason that you don’t use just pure, 100% fragrance compounds in your fragrance oils, and that’s because they’re almost all dangerous, hazardous or toxic in large amounts and they have to be diluted down to safe working levels. This means some fragrances, that are high in one especially hazardous ingredient, must be diluted down, in its entirety, to be safe. So, our pure oils are as high in concentration of fragrance compounds as they can be and still be safe, they’re either certified by the IFRA to say that they’re safe, or the ingredients in them are certified by the IFRA.

Our enhanced oils are different, they only contain 60% of the ‘pure’ fragrance oil blends where the other 40% is our special mixture of emulsifiers and fragrance enhancers. These ingredients are what give the F-JAS oils the edge over most oils because the emulsifiers help them to be applicable in more applications.

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