The Following are the instructions we supply with the F-JAS Cosmetics Bath Bomb Making Kit.

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Equipment Required :

Mixing Bowls
Scales (Optional)
175g Sodium Bicarbonate
175g Citric Acid
50g Cornflour
30ml Enhanced Fragrance Oil
1g Colour Powder
Gloves (Optional)
Dust Mask (Optional)
5ml Witch hazel
Bath Bomb Moulds

How to make bath bombs

It is advised to wear the gloves and mask provided.

1. Add the Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid and Cornflour to a mixing bowl.
2. Add fragrance oil from the pouch using the supplied 3ml Pipette and mix thoroughly.
IMPORTANT: Fragrance oil usage must abide by the IFRA Safe Usage Limits.
Use a maximum of 9ml Snow Faerie Fragrance Oil in the 400g mixture.
Keep the fragrance oil pouch out of the reach of children and animals.
3. Half the mixture if you want to use two colours. Put approximately 200g in one bowl and 200g in another.
4. Add colour to one bowl and mix until desired tone is achieved, the other bowl can be coloured too or left uncoloured for a white appearance.
5. Spray 2-3 Squirts witch hazel into each bowl, and mix until they start to combine. Add a few more squirts if required. Be careful not to add too much witch hazel or the mixture will start to react and at this point the moulding process will not work.
6. Add the mixture to the bath bomb mould halves making sure the mixture protrudes slightly above the surface and is suitably compressed and join two halves together compressing further until the mould halves join.
7. Leave for 45mins and carefully remove from the moulds. This can often be the trickiest part of the process, and even professionally, this is sometimes a difficult procedure with luck playing into it in a big way. If a bath bomb fails at this point, it can be used as Bath Crumble.