Covid-19 Delays up to 3 Weeks
Please accept our apologies for the current delay we are experiencing with orders.  This is because we are the only manufacturer of a Bitter Test Solution that is currently being used by Dentists and Health Professionals to ensure safe fitment of their PPE and this is taking up a lot of our capacity.  As well as this we are short-staffed and coping with the various restrictions in place.  We are working VERY hard, including many nights, to reduce the backlog of orders we have.  The current delay is up to 3 weeks.   We hope to bring this down to within a week by mid June, and then back to normal by the end of June.
We can in some cases get some orders out quickly, if you have a real need for them asap. If you pay for express shipping we will prioritise your order as usual, but please only do this if you are in genuine need or call us on 0800 468 1951 to ask us whether we can do a priority order for you.

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